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The rich and intriguing history of biltong.

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Why I Sometimes Prefer a Food Dehydrator Over Traditional Biltong Drying or a Biltong Box
Traditionally, biltong was dried by hanging it in a cool and dry space with good ventilation, but nowadays, modern technology has introduced more efficient ways of drying biltong. One of these methods is using a …
On , by Meately Brothers, 591 words
What is wet biltong?
Yes, wet Biltong is indeed a thing. It is a moist and tender variation of the traditional South African dried meat snack called Biltong. I’ve discovered that wet Biltong is cured and air-dried but not …
On , by Meately Brothers, 856 words
Why do you soak biltong in vinegar?
The vinegar helps tenderize the meat, enhances the flavor, and acts as a natural preservative. One of the steps in making biltong is soaking the meat in vinegar. There are several reasons why this is …
On , by Meately Brothers, 703 words