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  1. Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog NEW
    “UK beer blog running since 2007, with tasting notes, beer history, pub reports and commentary on British booze culture.” By Jessica Boak, Ray Bailey. 🇬🇧
    News, nuggets and longreads 3 December 2022: the Friday of months
    Here’s all the writing about beer and pubs that grabbed our attention in the past week, from ethics to language. First, some news. For The Guardian Mark Sweeney and Rob Davies report that BrewDog has …
    By Boak & Bailey, 1,029 words

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  2. Cake Wrecks
    “Jen started this blog in May of 2008 one night when she was bored. She honestly never thought anyone would read it.” By Jen Yates, et al. 🇺🇸
    Pipe Dreams
    "Okay, Tiger, you can do this. It's just an engagement cake, nothing to be afraid of."Here goes..." "Steady... steeeeady..." "Perfect! "Now to finish up the delicate vine-work on this wedding cake." [grunting] "This next one …
    By john (the hubby of Jen), 211 words

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  3. The Common Table
    “by studio_lovell.” By Orlando Lovell, Sophie Lovell. 🇬🇧
    Better Food For Our Fighting Men
    A new book of US Army archive images showing research on rations for combat situations and emergencies as well as mess hall “dishes” triggers prepper considerations for our reviewer Alec Carver. This has been a …
    By Sophie & Orlando, 851 words

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  4. Drifting Clouds 片雲の風 NEW
    “Travels with Jani.” By Jani Patokallio. 🇦🇺 🇸🇬
    34 Province Project: Vegetarian Chinese food in Singapore
    In Singapore, “vegetarian Chinese” tends to be pretty much synonymous with Buddhist cuisine (斋菜 zhāi cài), which focuses heavily on replicating mainstream Chinese dishes using all sorts of inventive gluten or soy-based substitutes for meat. …
    By jpatokal, 577 words

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  5. Food Politics by Marion Nestle NEW
    Weekend reading: Raw Deal
    Chloe Sorvino. Raw Deal: Hidden Corruption, Corporate Greed, and the Fight for the Future of Meat. Atria Books, 2022. This is the first analysis I’ve seen of the meat industry from a business perspective. Corvino …
    By Marion, 503 words

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  6. Rotten Menu NEW
    “Exploring the microbiology of food fermentation.” By Elisa Caffrey. 🇺🇸
    15 EXPLORING FERMENTATION: a zine “This guide is designed to outline the basics of food fermentation and flavor, providing a framework of how microbes transform foods and encouraging you to start your own fermentation journey." …
    By Rotten Menu, 153 words

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  7. Zythophile
    “'Zee-tho-fyle', by Martyn Cornell, an award-winning blog about beer now and then, founded in 2007.” 🇬🇧
    Rush out now and buy as much Gale’s Prize Old Ale as you can
    The new POA – an amazingly complex beer The news that the Japanese brewing giant Asahi will be closing the Dark Star brewery in Sussex, which it acquired with the purchase of Fuller’s brewery in …
    By Martyn Cornell, 1,344 words

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