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11 blogs about Food and drink.

  1. Adam's Apples
    “Hundreds of apples, plus notes and comment on the harvest and more.” 🇺🇸

    This cheerful lemon-yellow apple, prominently ribbed, bears faint honey-sweet aromas.It is blocky and a little lumpy, with a splash of russet spilling from the stem well.The closest thing to a blush is a region or …
    By Adam, 42 words

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  2. Bangkok Glutton
    “"Tasting it to the streets...".” By Chawadee Nualkhair. 🇹🇭

    Glutton Onboard: Lunching in Taipei
    Julie and Michael from Taipei are probably our closest friends on the ship, if forced to categorize that kind of thing. Because we are Asians, we bond over our love of food, and of our …
    By Bangkok Glutton, 49 words

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  3. Cake Wrecks
    “Jen started this blog in May of 2008 one night when she was bored. She honestly never thought anyone would read it.” By Jen Yates, et al. 🇺🇸

    Name That Name!
    Kids these days, with their funky names and their extra weird spellings: I bet this gets confusing around other holidays.I hear Lt. Pink really likes light pink icing: Coincidence?Oh, great, now ALL the kids will …
    By Jen, 167 words

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  4. The Common Table
    “by studio_lovell.” By Orlando Lovell, Sophie Lovell. 🇬🇧

    On Food and Education: Arthur Potts Dawson
    Food helps us to understand our place in this world, therefore education relating to and involving food is crucial, but what form should it take and where are the new nodes of learning? In this …
    By Sophie & Orlando, 2,059 words

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  5. Drifting Clouds 片雲の風
    “Travels with Jani.” By Jani Patokallio. 🇦🇺 🇸🇬

    34 Province Project: Wrap-up
    Since early 2020, I’ve been hunting down food from every Chinese province, special administrative region and contested island, all on this little red dot we call Singapore. My quest came to an end two weeks …
    By jpatokal, 1,215 words

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  6. Food Politics by Marion Nestle

    The FDA responds
    My post last week on the FDA’s lack of action on ensuring the safety of infant formula elicited this response from Taryn Webb, Health Communications Specialist at CFSAN/FDA: Hi Marion, In your article below, “Alarming …
    By Marion, 767 words

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  7. The Impulsive Buy
    “Junk Food and Fast Food Reviews and News Blog.” 🇺🇸

    SPOTTED: Ja MorantAroos DunkAroos
    I wonder if Nabisco has been thinking about pairing Oreo Mini and Chips Ahoy Mini with frosting on a tray. Has that been done before? (Spotted by @nickinpgh at Walmart.) The post SPOTTED: Ja MorantAroos …
    By Marvo, 46 words

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  8. Meately
    “The rich and intriguing history of biltong.”

    Can dogs eat biltong?
    The short answer is yes, of course! But it’s best not to give your dog too much at once, just like..with yourself. My German Shephard drools when he sees me grabbing some biltong, and of …
    By Meately Brothers, 1,076 words

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  9. ramen! ramen! ramen!
    “ramen reviews, news, and more!”

    eat ramen, help save the planet(?)
    If you’ve ever been to Fukuoka, Japan, you probably know that it’s famous for tonkotsu ramen. From Fukuoka, take a 3 hours detour south and visit the Amaterasu Railway. The Railway has a “Grand Super …
    By Edjusted, 109 words

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  10. Rotten Menu
    “Exploring the microbiology of food fermentation.” By Elisa Caffrey. 🇺🇸

    15 EXPLORING FERMENTATION: a zine “This guide is designed to outline the basics of food fermentation and flavor, providing a framework of how microbes transform foods and encouraging you to start your own fermentation journey." …
    By Rotten Menu, 153 words

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  11. The Woks of Life
    “We're a family of 4 living between the US & China. When we're not packing or unpacking suitcases, we're sharing our culinary exploits and travels w/ each other here!” By Judy, Bill, Sarah, Kaitlin Leung. 🇨🇳 🇺🇸

    The Best Chili Oil Brands: taste test!
    Over the years, many of you have discovered how simple and rewarding it is to make your own chili oil at home. Yet there is always a small handful of folks who ask me, “What …
    By Kaitlin, 65 words

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