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stuttering culture[s].

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Perfumed Night — Haroldo Conti (tr. Jon Lindsay Miles)
To my Auntie Haydée, that she never die. A human life is a miserable rough draft, a meagre handful of sorrows which fit in a handful of lines. Yet now and then, just as there …
On , by @MinorLits, 3,620 words
Better Shopping Through Living IV: Mise-en-scène for Robert Irwin — Frank Garrett
Evening Slowly the evening strips from his finest cloth,that for him a circle of ancient trees holds up;you survey: and the realms from you withdraw,one skywarddarting and one that drops; and leaving you to wholly …
On , by limmoraliste, 171 words
Spleen & Avenue — ANON.
ANONYMOU[S] is a brief series of texts submitted, read, and published anonymously, with the agreement of the author not to reveal themself. Zip codes average around eighty-five square miles. Enough to lay our corpses end …
On , by @MinorLits, 629 words