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Nov 2022 11
Dec 2022 31
Jan 2023 32
Feb 2023 28
Mar 2023 31
Apr 2023 30
May 2023 31
Jun 2023 30
Jul 2023 31
Aug 2023 31
Sep 2023 30
Oct 2023 31
Nov 2023 30
Dec 2023 6

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“Marvel” of Bronze Age axe hoard found in Poland
A hoard of five Bronze Age axe heads in excellent condition have been found in the Starogard Forest District in Kociewie, Poland. Preliminary estimates date them to about 3,500 years ago. While individual finds of …
On , by livius drusus, 336 words
Rare medieval healing bowl, archery rings found at Hasankeyf
This year’s excavation of the ancient Hasankeyf mound in southeastern Turkey has uncovered an 800-year-old bronze healing bowl and two archery rings made of agate and bone from the same period. Healing bowls were used …
On , by livius drusus, 262 words
German museum weirdly asks Italy to give back the Discobolus
The Discobolus Palombara, also known as the Discus Thrower, was discovered in 1781 at the Villa Palombara on the Esquiline Hill, one of the palaces of the princely Massimo family. It was a 1st-century A.D. …
On , by livius drusus, 973 words