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Apr 2023 24
May 2023 14
Jun 2023 27
Jul 2023 17
Aug 2023 22
Sep 2023 18
Oct 2023 12
Nov 2023 19
Dec 2023 0

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Hundreds of patients in hospital with norovirus ahead of winter
The number of patients in hospital with norovirus last week was almost triple the number during the same period last winter, new NHS figures show today. An average of 351 people were in hospital with …
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NHS to offer stem cell transplants to cure life-limiting blood disorder
Patients with severe inherited blood disorders will be offered stem cell transplants on the NHS that could cure their condition and help avoid life-long blood transfusions. Thalassaemia is a rare disorder that affects the production …
On , by rwootton, 67 words
First-ever therapy for rare genetic disease in babies to save lives on the NHS
Babies and toddlers with a rare and fatal genetic condition can now receive a life-saving treatment on the NHS for the first time. Sebelipase alfa (Kanuma®), an enzyme replacement therapy, will become the first treatment …
On , by Tom W, 70 words