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Paul Dobraszczyk

architectural writer, photographer, artist.

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  • Based in United Kingdom
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Most recent posts

Invisible cities: ants and architecture
Beetles may be the most profligate insect in terms of diversity of species; but it is ants (the Formicidae family) that are the most successful in numbers alone. The combined weight of every living ant …
On , by Paul Dobraszczyk, 1,894 words
Exit holes of death-watch beetles Beetles eat buildings from the inside out - they are architecture’s most troublesome parasites, liable to infest buildings. Whilst some beetles seek out stored grains and packaged foods, others come …
On , by Paul Dobraszczyk, 1,492 words
Adventure playgrounds
A structure made by children in an adventure playground in Ås municipality near Oslo. Photograph by Svane Frode, 1973. Copenhagen is home to the world’s first, and oldest surviving, children’s junk playground – a place …
On , by Paul Dobraszczyk, 1,225 words