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Pröper Gander |

rock operatic speculative fiction (and more) by Matthew Graybosch.

  • By Matthew Graybosch
  • Based in United States of America
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Apr 2023 13
May 2023 20
Jun 2023 30
Jul 2023 18
Aug 2023 14
Sep 2023 0
Oct 2023 1
Nov 2023 0
Dec 2023 0

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Pröper Gander
I used to have a blog on called “Proper Gander”, so I revived the name but added a heavy metal umlaut1. To avoid unnecessary disappointment, please don’t expect me to stick to a particular …
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Isabel Hogben is a Useful Idiot for Right-Wing Authoritarians with a Censorship Fetish
I was six years old when I watched porn for the first time. It 1984, and I was watching a scene in Conan the Barbarian where Arnold Schwarzenegger was groping a statuesque and nude Sandahl …
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RE: Why Are Websites Embarrassing
I've been reading a blog post by Robin Rendle about why websites are embarrassing in which he writes: I truly want every website to be worthy of our browsers. But modern websites are not worthy. …
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