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Year starting Posts
2020 3
2021 5
2022 2
2023 0
2024 0

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Current Reading
Regeneration Pat Barker 1917 Siegfried Sassoon at Craiglockhart. What to do with one of theirs who protests the war. With Wilfred Owen. The Eye in the Door Pat Barker The next in the series. I …
On , by Eric Idle, 1,541 words
The Year so Far.  January thru May
I have to confess I haven’t written my reading blog for ages, though I have been reading. Of course. I have been bingeing Patricia Highsmith. She is quite wonderful. I think what she gets is …
On , by Eric Idle, 157,362 words
Latest Reading. Fall 2021
Silverview John Le Carré A posthumous novel completed by his son. Camino Winds John Grisham Ok. The Deer Park Norman Mailer Re-reading this book always gives me the utmost delight. It is one of my …
On , by Eric Idle, 559 words