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Brandon's movie memory – Deeper Into Movies

This is not film criticism, just my thoughts on what I’ve watched, how I felt about it, and what other interesting information and opinion I found elsewhere.

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Five More by Tod Browning (1929-1936)
The Thirteenth Chair (1929) After London After Midnight came three more Lon Chaney pictures including West of Zanzibar. Now, Browning’s love for headscarves leads him to India, and his love for Hungary leads him to …
On , by Brandon, 880 words
The Last Ten Minutes vol. 27: SHOCKtober 2023
Surveillance (2008, Jennifer Lynch) The attraction here was Bill Pullman standing on a (lost) highway in a Lynch joint, but now that I’ve seen Boxing Helena I’m being more selective about my Lynches. On fast-forward …
On , by Brandon, 1,255 words
Five by Tod Browning (1919-1927)
Katy’s out of town and there’s a new Criterion blu-ray, so we’re having a Tod Browning Halloween. – The Exquisite Thief (1919) Fragment of a lost film, found in Dawson City. A carnival barker turned …
On , by Brandon, 1,060 words