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Me Blog Write Good

An episode-by-episode retrospective of a truly cromulent show.

  • By Mike
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Posts per month

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Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Nov 2023 1
Dec 2023 3
Jan 2024 1
Feb 2024 2
Mar 2024 1
Apr 2024 2
May 2024 3
Jun 2024 0

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

768. Bart’s Brain
Original airdate: May 19, 2024 The premise: Bart’s prank involving a human brain in a jar backfires when he is forced to “care” for it as a school assignment. He begins to form a true …
On , by Mike!, 1,482 words
767. The Tipping Point
Original airdate: May 12, 2024 The premise: After Homer accidentally leaves an absurdly large tip to great public applause, he becomes hopeless addicted to the adulation that comes from being a big tipper, much to …
On , by Mike!, 953 words
766. The Tell-Tale Pants
Original airdate: May 5, 2024 The premise: Marge discovers that Homer’s old, busted jeans are actually a rare collector’s item, and feeling particularly underappreciated, sells them and keeps the money to herself. The reaction: Homer …
On , by Mike!, 986 words