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Rotten Menu

Exploring the microbiology of food fermentation.

  • By Elisa Caffrey
  • Based in United States of America

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15 EXPLORING FERMENTATION: a zine “This guide is designed to outline the basics of food fermentation and flavor, providing a framework of how microbes transform foods and encouraging you to start your own fermentation journey." …
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16 JULIA STREET “It's really interesting to see where the fermentation takes the flavor naturally. As a small craftsperson, things may vary from batch to batch because I'm small, and these bars are made by …
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13 RED WINE Ingredients: grapesTaste: varying in flavor, tannic, sweet, alcoholicPopular in: global Time: 3 months+ Dominant microbes: Yeast and lactic acid producersTools: large vessel, bottles Read more 22—06/07Sac—47700 ︎ 10 KEFIR Ingredients: milk Taste: …
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