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Strong Language

A sweary blog about swearing.

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Posts per year
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2022 10
2023 12
2024 5

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

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Sick fuckin’ bag, dude
My friend Ander Opmeer, who lives near Rotterdam, happened to see a bag for sale in the train station and, knowing I like strong language, bought it for me: It says, in the colours of …
On , by sesquiotic, 1,341 words
That’s bitchin’!
A lot of surfer slang consists of in-crowd jargon or outmoded antiques: grommet (an eager young surfer), hodad (a non-surfer; a poser), log (a heavy surfboard), Noah (a shark). But other terms that bubbled up …
On , by Nancy Friedman, 1,013 words
Palimpsestual Profanity
Sounds dirty, doesn’t it, getting your palimpsest on? In fact, it’s the broadest sort of euphemism for swearing. It’s not total absence of profanity from a text or conversation. Profanity is there, legible in occasional …
On , by Michael Adams, 2,053 words