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Person of Interest S5E13
Notes for season 5, episode 13, “return 0“ 08:26 Even with HR removed, it’s apparently not hard to find a bunch of cops at the precinct that would execute fellow officers for “a nice fat …
On , by lee, 939 words
Person of Interest S5E12
Notes for season 5 episode 12, “.exe“ 10:15 Even in the alternate Machine-less timeline, Carter has a Dell 2009W on her desk. 18:52 The HAL-looking prop for the iris/retina scanner at the NSA is an …
On , by lee, 326 words
Person of Interest S5E11
Notes for season 5 episode 11, “Synecdoche“ 01:05 Root’s grave is marked as “050313”. A note on reddit suggests this it the date in mm/dd/yy that Root was nominated as the Machine’s analog interface. (Although …
On , by lee, 468 words