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An experiment of interesting finds. So it goes.

  • By Steve Makofsky
  • Based in United States of America
  • Roughly two posts per month

Posts per month

Data for this chart is available in the table below
Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Aug 2022 2
Sep 2022 4
Oct 2022 4
Nov 2022 4
Dec 2022 3
Jan 2023 4
Feb 2023 4
Mar 2023 4
Apr 2023 4
May 2023 3
Jun 2023 2
Jul 2023 3
Aug 2023 3
Sep 2023 1
Oct 2023 2
Nov 2023 2
Dec 2023 0

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

The Person You Needed
What's On My Mind Right Now 🧠Programming Note: As we enter December, outside of work travel, I'll be focusing on the 'famous' year-end "things I like" annual post. I will get this out before the …
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A Little Kindness
I will come right out and say it - it's been rough lately. Everyone I know seems to be slowly spiraling further down the hole rather than climbing out of it, and while I started …
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The Backlog
In my last post, I mentioned that I would spend some time thinking about how to rework this space while I take a slight writing hiatus.While that's in the works, I certainly didn't stop reading.And …
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