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Blogs about Self-improvement

2 blogs about Self-improvement.

  1. Makoism
    “An experiment of interesting finds. So it goes.” By Steve Makofsky. 🇺🇸

    Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
    We all have different levels of comfort. With those comfort zones come lines that are imaginary boundaries many don't want to cross. They can take you to a scary place where you feel uncomfortable.I'm not …
    By Steve Makofsky, 1,124 words

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  2. Salman Ansari - Blog
    “I'm a startup founder, software engineer, writer, artist, teacher and DJ. I write a weekly newsletter called Quick Brown Fox — it’s about creativity, curiosity and embracing a polymath lifestyle. Each edition features essays, art and resources shared in the spirit of learning in public.” 🇺🇸

    Bumps Are the Road
    I’ve had a pit in my stomach since winter began. It’s been an intense sprint to finish a bunch of projects I’m juggling at once. Since my bout with burnout, I’ve been pretty careful about …
    By Salman Ansari, 521 words

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