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A Garden Kept in a Pocket

Read any good books lately?

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2023-11-26 18:55
China After Mao by Frank Dikötter, 2022 Chinese Primer Zhou Enlai died in January 1976, and the Great Helmsman followed eight months later. After a brief tussle between factions, the Gang of Four was disbanded, …
On , by A Garden Kept in a Pocket, 473 words
2023-05-29 00:07
The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk, 1990 An Italian traveling to Naples has his ship commandeered by an Ottoman fleet and is taken as a slave. Incidental medical knowledge and some simply treated injuries lets …
On , by A Garden Kept in a Pocket, 220 words
2023-05-07 22:37
Remainder by Tom McCarthy, 2005 A never-named man receives grace from the sky. Well, actually, he receives severe head trauma from the sky; grace comes later in the form of £8.5 million from the guilty …
On , by A Garden Kept in a Pocket, 361 words