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Mikes Thoughts

What you may find here are stories, posts about writing, and personal detritus and diatribe.

  • By Michael Perry
  • Based in Cambodia
  • Roughly 136 posts per year
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What settles for a blogpost
I guess this does. We’ve been in the house two days. Moving took all of one. There’s something subtly different in the new place. Kind of a relaxed vibe. I really did this whole thing …
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First Morning in new house
Well we managed to do all the moving yesterday. Alin arranged a truck for $40 all day to get our little and big stuff and the Khmer men helped move things around too. She gave …
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It’s moving Monday
Go over this afternoon and sign contract for new place. Between now and tomorrow move. Spend days finding stuff. Maybe take my wife out for dinner. I also met an expat acquaintance R at the …
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