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A quest to pare it down to the best.

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Posts per year
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2022 11
2023 19
2024 7

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

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Vanille des Afriques by Ormonde Jayne: A Review
Vanille des Afriques is essentially a reformulation of Vanille d’Iris to adhere to IFRA regulations but with the addition of a bourbon and a Madagascan vanilla absolute to replace the Tahitian vanilla of the original. …
On , by Claire, 221 words
The Musk Collection by Areej Le Doré: Reviews
I can’t help feeling sad that ‘regular’ people who just love a good, well-constructed perfume rather than obsessing on one or two of their constituent raw materials will likely never get to smell the Musk …
On , by Claire, 222 words
A Week’s Worth of Italian Dessert Fragrances
I was back in Rome recently for a strategic retreat and thought it might be interesting to wear an Italian dessert fragrance every day to mark the occasion. Caveat: I have incredibly narrow parameters for …
On , by Claire, 219 words