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Blogs about Perfume

10 blogs about Perfume.

  1. All I am - a redhead
    “Join me on my journey through the worlds of perfumes and books.”

    Rising from the dead
    or how I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Honestly, I didn’t think it would be a movie that would spur me to write. But that’s the beauty of life, it surprises you. Well, it’s …
    By Ines, 60 words

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  2. The Black Narcissus
    “perfume obsession and the scented skin.” By Neil Chapman. 🇺🇸

    I think we do like Honolulu
    By ginzaintherain, 6 words

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  3. Bois de Jasmin
    “A primer on sensory pursuits spanning perfume, literature, art, science, history, beauty, food--everything that makes life richer and more interesting.” By Victoria Belim-Frolova. 🇧🇪

    Rebuilding Ukraine Fundraiser : Winners
    Our Ukraine fundraiser is now closed. Thought Group Chile and I are grateful for your generous contributions that allowed us to raise almost $5000. Cristián Wittig, the director of the group, will explain how these …
    By Victoria, 347 words

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  4. From Pyrgos

    Sleight of Fern (Masque Milano)
    Stéphanie Bakouche is a marquee name in the fragrance industry, having worked for Givaudan and Takasago, as well as Parfums MDCI. In 2006, she established herself with Invasion Barbare, a postmodern relativist fougère that is …
    By Bryan Ross, 65 words

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  5. Kafkaesque

    January 2023 Update
    Happy end of wretched 2022, everyone! I’ve become too superstitious at this point to claim that 2023 will be better. But I so sincerely hope that it is for you! For me, personally, it’s actually …
    By Kafkaesque, 56 words

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  6. Now Smell This
    “A perfume blog, featuring perfume reviews and the latest on new perfume launches, online fragrance discounts, home fragrance products, perfume books and more.” By Robin K, et al.

    The daily lemming
    From Tokyo Milk, Merci Beaucoup (Tour Eiffel) perfumed soap: "Our perfumed French triple-milled Shea Butter soap. Now in an irresistibly giftable collection of decidedly different sentiments on glitter-accented fine linen paper. Get carried away by …
    By Robin, 56 words

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  7. Perfume Shrine
    “A Perfume, Beauty, Style, Food Blog: fragrance reviews, interviews, comparison of classics and vintages, new launches, candles, beauty, and arts.” By Elena Vosnaki.

    Ormonde Jayne Tolu: two golden incarnations
    perfume photography by Elena Vosnaki
    By Perfumeshrine, 11 words

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  8. The Scented Hound
    “Perfume blog with abbreviated perfume reviews & fragrance reviews.”

    Zoologist Cockatiel
    WHAT I SMELL: Cockatiel opens with a combination of muted fruit and tangy champagne which quickly moves to a warmed powder. It’s lightly sweet and lightly candied as if it was concocted from an old …
    By The Scented Hound, 410 words

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    “A quest to pare it down to the best.”

    Sakura by Ormonde Jayne: A Review
    Sakura by Ormonde Jayne is a Venetian sunset in a bottle, a serene blue sky streaked with pink, apricot, and gold. It gives me the curious sensation of being relaxed and invigorated at the same …
    By Claire, 217 words

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  10. Undina's Looking Glass
    “Perfumed Reflections of Life.” By Julia. 🇺🇸

    South Korea Perfume Wearing 2023
    Hey Crew, Well, I have a mildly amusing tale about my South Korea perfume wearing on this visit. My travels out on the desk, the Guerlain bag to transport them in and had put my …
    By AustralianPerfumeJunkies, 61 words

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