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Learn about memory palaces, mnemonics, mental calculation, acrostics, eidetic memory, and more.

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Jun 2023 46
Jul 2023 100
Aug 2023 70
Sep 2023 52
Oct 2023 76
Nov 2023 68
Dec 2023 71
Jan 2024 90
Feb 2024 71
Mar 2024 74
Apr 2024 40

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I spent the day researching books in learning Here We talk about memorization and books In memorization, but what about learning?? I know that have language learning and all these things but I’m a person …
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Building Long-Term Mnemonics: Strategy & Techniques (a Beau Journal)
On Expanding Palace Breadth, Depth, and Traversal Ease and Speed (not to be confused with the Cyber Mnemonics journal, which is about my mnemonics for Computer Science subjects like programming syntax and networking concepts) [a …
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Does anyone have experience with patterned peg palaces?
This is what I tried: An imaginary infinite corridor that repeats in a certain way with anime characters along the journey, the characters being the peg list and the corridor the palace. My motivations for …
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