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Learn about memory palaces, mnemonics, mental calculation, acrostics, eidetic memory, and more.

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From PAO to a simple 10 digits (5 elements) system
For many years I have struggled with creating a PAO (person action object) system. As a result of this struggle I have created similar but different systems like Person object location linking system (2 digits …
On , by erikfromholland, 876 words
New memory palaces approach
Hi everyone, This is truly an enthusiastic and fantastic forum. Currently, I have a few questions: Firstly, how many loci do you typically choose for a memory palace? My Memory Palace is quite large, so …
On , by cantrememberanything, 147 words
My Response to Simon Reinhard and Fraud Claims At IAM Board
Hello, They block me from all the groups after IAM fraud against me that costed me Gold Trophy in the World Memory Championships in Mumbai. As they block me everywhere, I respond to Simon Reinhard´s …
On , by Orxan, 1,399 words