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Bright Lights Film Journal

Pop reviews and in-depth analyses of current and classic films from around the world.

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Bringing Down the Establishment: The Graduate and End of the Road: A Dialogue
The subsequent dialogue between the two films developed after much negotiation and cajoling. They were inclined to be hostile to the other. I tried to inform them about their common[...] The post Bringing Down the …
On , by Robert Castle, 65 words
Mary Astor: Prisoner of Kicks
Mary Astor was born May 3, 1906 and died September 25, 1987. In honor of this superb star, who was also a gifted novelist and memoirist and a sexually adventurous free-thinker[...] The post Mary Astor: …
On , by Dan Callahan, 50 words
The Demiurge in the American Eyesore: Night Tide
If Curtis Harrington had not had the ruined mall of hell unveiled to the world in 1905 as Venice of America as a setting for his occult fable, he might[...] The post The Demiurge in …
On , by Tom Sutpen, 55 words