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Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.

  • By PZ Myers
  • Based in United States of America
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Posts per month

Data for this chart is available in the table below
Posts per month
Month starting Posts
May 2023 37
Jun 2023 94
Jul 2023 89
Aug 2023 71
Sep 2023 64
Oct 2023 63
Nov 2023 75
Dec 2023 18

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

Pray for me
In about an hour I’m strolling over to be sacrificed in this godawful debate. It will be recorded, apparently. I’ll see what I can do to get a copy. I dream of the day when …
On , by PZ Myers, 56 words
An exercise in geography
It’s a journey of increasing uneasiness. A guy in an office is browsing Google Earth, and sees a dark circle in the middle of nowhere in Madagascar, and gets curious: he sees buildings inside of …
On , by PZ Myers, 473 words
So…how’s Xitter doing nowadays?
It’s just getting better and better. Last week, Musk had said that “all” X Premium Plus subscribers would get access to “Grok,” a “rebellious” ChatGPT competitor with “fewer guardrails” that Musk has said was trained …
On , by PZ Myers, 253 words