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Filipino films, Hollywood, science fiction, fantasy, action, horror, comedy, French, Korean, Chinese, silent, DVD, streaming, other bizarre creatures.

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Most recent posts

Godzilla Minus One (Takashi Yamazaki, 2023)
War GodzillaTakashi Yamazaki's Godzilla Minus One is basically what you'd get if you made a Godzilla movie based on an actual script-- y'know, with a narrative arc populated by real characters having human interactions. Not …
On , by Noel Vera, 753 words
Silent Night (John Woo, 2023)
When you have to shoot shoot, don't talk John Woo's latest brings to mind Norma Desmond's immortal lines: "There was a time when I had the eyes of the whole world. But that wasn't good …
On , by Noel Vera, 715 words
Napoleon (Ridley Scott, 2023)
Make love, not warRidley Scott at his best can be an immersive filmmaker and with the opening of his latest feature Napoleon he manages to locate you in the middle of the Place de Revolution, …
On , by Noel Vera, 1,391 words