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Diary of a Fat Slob

Obese gray male, introverted, cranky, woke but needs a nap. Enjoys solitude, old movies, my cat, and a good bowel movement.

  • By Doug Holland
  • Based in United States of America
  • Roughly one post per day
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Aug 2023 28
Sep 2023 31
Oct 2023 40
Nov 2023 47
Dec 2023 33
Jan 2024 25
Feb 2024 22
Mar 2024 34
Apr 2024 26

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News & music & dead people
CRANKYOLD FART'SBROWSERHISTORY#416 [archive]APR. 16, 202420 years later, Abu Ghraib detainees get their day in US court When they're done prosecuting Donald Trump for malfeasance with petty cash after boinking the porn star, can we move …
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Me and the man upstairs
The doorbell rang, which meant my delivery of groceries was here. Nobody rings my doorbell except professionally.I slipped a mask over my face, and stepped out onto the porch, where the delivery woman was putting …
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Frankenstein, Freedom Riders, Free to Be... You and Me, and a few more films
Frank Film (1973)Streaming free at Internet ArchiveNEVERENDINGFILM FESTIVAL#277 [archive]APR. 15, 2024Filmmaker Frank Mouris explains what you're seeing as images are flashed on the screen, but at the same time he's also reading a countdown to …
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