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a man and his hoe

every chick deservers a mother.

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Posts per year

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Posts per year
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2023 16
2024 4

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The Meaning of Life
This was a good spring for cherry blossoms. We had many sunny days when the trees were in bloom in April. On a day like that it’s easy to think the meaning of life is …
On , by theMan, 401 words
Spring is Here, Marvelous Things Happen All the Time
The sun is out today. The daffodils are in bloom. Spring is here. It’s been an odd winter, very warm until a hard freeze in January where it got down to 6ºF, -14ºC. It was …
On , by theMan, 533 words
Winter Hopped By
January’s warm spell came to an abrupt end with a week of sub freezing weather. Then it started to snow Tuesday evening, January 16. By Wednesday morning we were blanketed with snow. So this winter …
On , by theMan, 264 words