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A Common Reader

A way to sort through my thoughts about what I read and organize my notes. I hope it can provide readers a resource for classics, hard-to-find books, and non-fiction works.

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Most recent posts

New translation: On the Marble Cliffs by Ernst Jünger
I just noticed where NYRB Classics has released a new translation of Ernst Jünger’s On the Marble Cliffs. My brief notes on New Directions’ 1947 translation by Stuart Hood can be found here. I highly …
On , by Dwight, 364 words
Ancient Greek Play Fragments: from Jamie Lyons’ Site Specific Theatre
Jamie Lyons, co-founder of The Collected Works and so much more (see his bio), has some stunning photos and text from site specific performances he has been involved in. Many of these performances involve surviving …
On , by Dwight, 134 words
Ajax by Sophocles: “We are dim shapes, no more, and weightless shadows”
I’ll try and stay current and catch up later on any plays I miss in Amateur Reader’s AncientGreek-a-Thon at Wuthering Expctations. Up this week is Ajax, Sophocles’ earliest (probably) surviving play, first performed in the …
On , by Dwight, 1,220 words