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Posts per year
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2022 6
2023 1
2024 0

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Most recent posts

January 2023 Update
Happy end of wretched 2022, everyone! I’ve become too superstitious at this point to claim that 2023 will be better. But I so sincerely hope that it is for you! For me, personally, it’s actually …
On , by Kafkaesque, 56 words
Upcoming Reviews, Schedule, & Potential Impediments
I wanted to share some updates regarding the fragrances that are on tap to be reviewed in the short-term and long-term, that are still to be tested, and issues which may impact my review schedule …
On , by Kafkaesque, 62 words
Chanel Coromandel Parfum (Les Exclusifs)
Chanel‘s original Coromandel gradually turned into my all-time favourite modern designer scent, so today I thought I’d look at the recent extrait or pure parfum version and how it measures up. Spoiler alert: It’s a …
On , by Kafkaesque, 60 words