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Aug 2023 88
Sep 2023 83
Oct 2023 75
Nov 2023 75
Dec 2023 73
Jan 2024 92
Feb 2024 82
Mar 2024 70
Apr 2024 84
May 2024 27

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Pixar Undertakes Biggest Layoffs In History, Hundreds To Be Let Go
Approximately 14% of the studio's staff is being laid off.
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Annecy Festival Responds To Criticism Of Selecting Film Made In Part With AI Technology
The Japanese feature 'Who Said Death is Beautiful?' used Stable Diffusion among other software in its production.
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John Musker: Disney Animation Needs A ‘Course Correction’
He also says that his last feature at the studio, 'Moana,' was "a very difficult project."
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