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Fellow bloggers have inspired me to share vintage images of Disneyland from my personal collection.

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Some Magic Kingdom, July 1974
It's Magic Kingdom time! A somewhat random assortment, though all dated "July, 1974". Nearly 50 years ago! We'll start with this view of the Diamond Horseshoe building, with a crowd gathering for the next show. …
On , by Major Pepperidge, 268 words
Beautiful Peoplemover, April 1974
Oh boy, the PeopleMover! A ride that many of us miss so much. It's stunning to think that it has been gone for 27 years - grown adults with children never had a chance to …
On , by Major Pepperidge, 176 words
Two Beauties From May, 1966
I have a pair of slides from May, 1966 - they were a bit faded (hence the slightly "off" colors) but they are still pretty nice.Holy Bunions! (Yes, Burt Ward - aka "Robin" - actually …
On , by Major Pepperidge, 182 words