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  1. Accueil - Mel Loves Travels
    “Mel Loves Travels, le blog belge du voyage au féminin : voyage eb solo, citytrips, voyages hors des sentiers battus, croisières et bonnes adresses.” By Melissa Monaco. 🇧🇪

    Tourisme insolite en Ardèche
    By mellovestravels, 4 words

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    “Family focused outdoor adventures.” By Summer Ludwig, Bill Ludwig. 🇺🇸

    Cooking a Cake over a Campfire: Tips, Tricks, and a Recipe
    You’ve probably heard of cooking hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire, but have you ever considered baking a cake? Yes, you read that right. You can actually bake a cake over a campfire, and …
    1,358 words

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  3. Adventurous Kate - The Solo Female Travel Blog
    “I teach women how to travel the world safely -- and I'm here to help you have the best trip ever.” By Kate McCulley. 🇨🇿

    AK Monthly Recap: May 2023
    May was the month Charlie and I had been waiting for. This is the month that we celebrated our big wedding in Prague. The month our friends and family descended upon our adopted city. The …
    By Adventurous Kate, 2,896 words

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  4. Atlas Obscura
    “Definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world's most wondrous places. Travel tips, articles, strange facts and unique events.”

    Mason Park Basketball Monument in Springfield, Massachusetts
    Wait, basketball was invented at a McDonald's!? No, not at all. Well, sorta. I don't know, let me explain: In December of 1891, James Naismith was responsible for the physical education of a group of …
    301 words

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  5. Breakfast and Travel Updates

    Day 14: Hamburg
    WelcomeYesterday we returned to northern Germany for a show in Hamburg. We allowed ourselves a cordial lobby call of 10.30am and it felt good to have a few hours of sleep under the belt. The …
    By Benjamin Sinclair, 827 words

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  6. Eat Sleep Cycle Blog
    “Written by those who love to eat, sleep, cycle. From our base in Girona, Catalunya, we ride bikes all over Europe.” 🇪🇸

    Eat Sleep Cycle Wins Travel Award
    Eat Sleep Cycle named as Europe's Most Innovative Cycling Tour Providor by LUXlife magazine. La entrada Eat Sleep Cycle Wins Travel Award se publicó primero en Eat Sleep Cycle.
    35 words

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  7. Freewheeling France
    “Cycling in France and velotourisme including bike routes, cycling books and information on French cycling holidays.” By Lyn. 🇫🇷

    France en Velo: The Ultimate Cycle Journey from Channel to Med - St Malo to Nice
    Some years after it was published, France en Velo: The Ultimate Cycle Journey from Channel to Med remains an ideal route-planner.
    By Lyn, 37 words

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  8. Nomadic Notes
    “Travel blog and weekly travel newsletter.” By James Clark.

    Notes on Vientiane: Riding the new railway and the gravitational pull of China
    I visited Vientiane not long after the borders reopened in May 2022. I was there to ride the new Laos-China Railway, which had been running since December 2021. The last time I was in Vientiane …
    By James Clark, 1,316 words

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  9. Packing Up The Pieces | Blog
    “Travel. Make the Most of Life's Grand Adventure.” By Megan Anderson. 🇺🇸

    8 New Gear Items That I’m Excited About Right Now
    I’m on the road again, and while I’ll always be a minimalist at heart, I decided to splurge on some new gear items for this two-month hiking trip throughout Europe. Responsible consumerism is so important …
    By Megan Anderson, 65 words

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  10. Paul's Beer & Travel Blog
    “A blog about beer, travel and the enjoyment of them both.” By Paul Bailey. 🇬🇧

    Other Irish stouts are available
    M&S House-magazineI write those words after enjoying an excellent bottle of M&S Irish Stout, brewed by Carlow Brewing of County Carlow, Ireland. It was definitely the best dry Irish stout I've had in a long …
    By Paul Bailey, 1,246 words

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    “Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, and the Outdoors.” By Paul Magnanti. 🇺🇸

    Wildflowers on the mesa
    Just a local stoll. Read More ... The post Wildflowers on the mesa first appeared on Continue reading Wildflowers on the mesa at
    By Paul Mags, 29 words

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  12. Poemas del río Wang

    At ten in the morning I leave with the group to visit the Christian quarter of Mardin. I can already see from afar that a decorated horse is waiting with its Kurdish caretaker at the …
    By Studiolum, 818 words

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  13. The Points Guy
    “Maximize your travel.” 🇺🇸

    A new warning and state-by-state guidance in response to increased anti-LGBTQ+ legislation
    In response to increased anti-LGBTQ+ legislation efforts in the U.S. in 2023, the Human Rights Campaign has declared what it calls a state of emergency for members of the LGBTQ+ community. It also released new …
    By Caroline Tanner, 724 words

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  14. The Points Guy UK
    “Maximise your travel.” 🇬🇧

    The Points Guy UK is going global!
    We have exciting news to tell you from the Points Guy! We are in the process of making our global channels a more cohesive home. We are still committed to bringing you the very best …
    By Nicky Kelvin, 168 words

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  15. Randomwire
    “Exploring Asia since 2003.” By David. 🇯🇵

    Enoura Observatory Revisited
    I first visited Enoura Observatory in Odawara shortly after it opened in 2018. I was immediately captivated by the artful amalgam of historical objects, architecture and the landscape itself. Contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto‘s work simultaneously …
    By David, 840 words

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  16. Seat 31B – The World In Economy Class
    By TProphet.

    How To Get An Uzbekistan E-Visa
    I am planning a trip to Uzbekistan, and like many countries, they require an e-visa for entry. If you have a US passport, an increasing number of countries are requiring some sort of electronic visa …
    By TProphet, 1,053 words

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  17. Sinclair Trails
    “The travels of David and Jennifer Sinclair, full-timing in their Tiffin Allegro Bus 40SP motorhome.” By David Sinclair. 🇺🇸

    Video: Death Valley to Yermo, California motorhome travel timelapse
    A timelapse of driving our RV, a Tiffin Allegro Bus motorhome, 169 miles from Death Valley, California to Yermo, California.
    By David, 29 words

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    “Veteran advice for cycle tourers & bikepackers.” 🇺🇸

    Oxford Bike Works Expedition: New Upgrades For 2023
    Before my recent Australia tour, I took Tom’s Expedition Bike back to its birthplace in the UK for a tune-up and a few experimental upgrades. This post details what’s changed, explores the thinking behind the …
    By Tom, 4,958 words

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  19. Travel Writing World
    “Travel Writing Interviews and Resources.” By Jeremy Bassetti. 🇺🇸

    Tim Hannigan – The Granite Kingdom
    Tim Hannigan is back on the Travel Writing World podcast, this time to talk about his new book The Granite Kingdom: A Cornish Journey, which is a literary and literal journey through Cornwall. In addition …
    By Jeremy Bassetti, 258 words

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