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  1. Accueil - Mel Loves Travels
    “Mel Loves Travels, le blog belge du voyage au féminin : voyage eb solo, citytrips, voyages hors des sentiers battus, croisières et bonnes adresses.” By Melissa Monaco. 🇧🇪

    Tourisme insolite en Ardèche
    By mellovestravels, 4 words

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  2. Adventurous Kate - The Solo Female Travel Blog
    “I teach women how to travel the world safely -- and I'm here to help you have the best trip ever.” By Kate McCulley. 🇨🇿

    What NOT to Do in Iceland
    Let me tell you about what not to do in Iceland! Iceland is a dream destination for so many people. Even for me, 11 years after my first of four trips, I’m still fantasizing about …
    By Adventurous Kate, 3,806 words

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  3. Atlas Obscura
    “Definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world's most wondrous places. Travel tips, articles, strange facts and unique events.”

    Château Cugnac cellars in Condom, France
    Down a small street in the Condom, France, lies an 18th-century cellar that holds the world's largest collection of old vintage Armagnacs in one place. Armagnac, France's oldest spirit, is a brandy made from white …
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  4. Poemas del río Wang

    The cathedral that failed
    Biniamar is a small village of three hundred people at the eastern foot of the Sierra Tramuntana in Mallorca. Its name, like that of many other places in Mallorca beginning with Bini, comes from the …
    By Studiolum, 1,242 words

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  5. The Points Guy
    “Maximize your travel.” 🇺🇸

    Proposal to limit late and overdraft fees: How to avoid them in the 1st place
    In a bid to slash what he calls “junk fees,” President Joe Biden announced several initiatives this week to combat fees that he sees as costly and unfair to consumers. This includes working to limit …
    By Ryan Smith, 1,396 words

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  6. The Points Guy UK
    “Maximise your travel.” 🇬🇧

    Virgin Atlantic is returning to Shanghai for the first time in two years
    It’s business as usual for Virgin Atlantic, which has announced a return to financial mega hub Shanghai for the first time in more than two years. Despite travel restrictions dropping like dominoes across the globe …
    By Joe Ellison, 612 words

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  7. Seat 31B – The World In Economy Class
    By TProphet.

    The Phantom Of Singapore
    One of the biggest problems when booking award travel is “phantom inventory.” This is inventory that shows up in an online search, but isn’t really there. When you go to book it, it won’t confirm. …
    By TProphet, 561 words

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  8. Sinclair Trails NEW
    “The travels of David and Jennifer Sinclair, full-timing in their Tiffin Allegro Bus 40SP motorhome.” By David Sinclair. 🇺🇸

    The two most frequently asked questions
    In the various Tiffin motorhome online communities to which I belong, there are two questions that get asked pretty much weekly. The first is: what is this unmarked red switch to the left of the …
    By david, 237 words

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  9. Travel Writing World
    “Travel Writing Interviews and Resources.” By Jeremy Bassetti. 🇺🇸

    Yulia Denisyuk: Photographer Interview
    Yulia Denisyuk is a freelance travel photographer. She joins us today to answer some questions… The post Yulia Denisyuk: Photographer Interview appeared first on Travel Writing World.
    By Jeremy Bassetti, 31 words

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