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Going back to electronic after a 20 years break

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Posts per year
Year starting Posts
2021 10
2022 18
2023 17
2024 2

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lnBMP : CH32V3xx support
It is painful, but it is beginning to work :On the picture a RP2040-pico zero running lnBMP and happily debugging a ch32v307 Riscv chip(of course it can still debug Arm chips)Perigoso did a lot of …
On , by meanX, 55 words
CH32Vxx : WCH_LINKW in riscv mode
Edit: There is a much simpler way. Press the Key Button will connecting the USB-C , it will switch between ARM & RISCVI recently bought the WeAct WCHLINK-W, a small dap style debugger (both USB …
On , by meanX, 113 words
lnBMP : rp2040, Not forgotten
lnBMP : Lots of little issues tackled :- Preliminary FreeRTOS awareness through "mon fos M0|M3|M33'- Uart <->USB through DMA, that one was a pain- Configuration change to map the supported boards depending on the amount …
On , by meanX, 63 words