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Blogs about Hardware

12 blogs about Hardware.

  1. bunnie's blog
    By Andrew “bunnie” Huang. 🇸🇬

    Name that Ware, March 2023
    The Ware for March 2023 is shown below: Thank again to spida for submitting this ware. I was certainly stumped when I first saw it! Again, some very big “clues” are not shown, which I …
    By bunnie, 56 words

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  2. The Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet

    Beating Big Tech at the Real Computer Game
    The real computer game in the computer industry pits computer manufactures and software makers against their customers. They win when they succeed in forcing us to spend more money on their products.
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  3. The CPU Shack
    “A museum for the history of processors and CPUs and how they have changed our world. Includes Intel, AMD as well as lesser known companies such as Signetics.” By John Culver. 🇺🇸

    A history of the EPROM in the Soviet Union
    Dov Frohman In 1971 Intel came out with the first memory that could be not only programmed by the user, but could be erased with UV light and programmed again. This was the 1701 EPROM …
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  4. Going back to electronic after a 20 years break
    By meanX.

    pyDSO: Very simple python app to control your DSO150 and to take snapshot
    I finally went back to this topic.Summary:The main idea is to use a usb CDC/ACM link (~ serial) to control the DSO1505 from your PC. Of course, you'll need to connect a micro usb header …
    By meanX, 184 words

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  5. Liliputing
    “Compact Computing (News, reviews, and info about tablets, notebooks, smartphones, and more).” 🇺🇸

    Daily Deals (3-30-2023)
    Best Buy is selling iPad Pro 12.9 inch tablets with Apple M1 processors for up to $900 off the list price. At $900 and up, they’re still pretty expensive compared to Android tablets, but they …
    By Brad Linder, 69 words

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  6. MCQN Ltd
    “Connecting strange things to the Internet since 2005.” By Adrian McEwen, et al. 🇬🇧

    Weeks 910 and 911 - Spin All the Plates
    Adrian here, with an update on the happens at MCQN Ltd over the past fortnight. As a tiny company one of the continual challenges is balancing the amount of work to do with the available …
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  7. PC Gazer | Home
    “Popular Tags Gaming Intel Streaming Windows GPU Nvidia Linux Graphics Mac Benchmarks Humble Elgato M1 Pro Raspberry Pi M1 Max Alder Lake Handheld EVGA.” By Ryan Matthew Pierson. 🇺🇸

    Google Glass is Dead Once More
    On Wednesday, Google announced that it has stopped selling its Glass Enterprise smart glasses. The company will also stop supporting its software in September of 2023. This marks the end of a smart glasses product …
    250 words

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  8. PlanB – Powered by tea
    “Powered by tea.” By Libby Miller. 🇬🇧

    Updated real_libby GPT-2 chatbot
    real_libby, my GPT-2 retrained, slack chatbot hosted on a raspberry pi 4 eventually corrupted the SD card. Then I couldn’t find her brain (I could only find business-slack real_libby who is completely different). And so …
    By libbymiller, 532 words

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  9. Robot Gizmos
    “Covering the latest robots, robotic gizmos, coding kits, AI research, and advancements in the world of bionics.” 🇺🇸

    Switchblade 300 Block 20 Loitering Missile
    Meet the Switchblade 300 Block 20: a loitering missile with a range of 10+ km and endurance of over 20 minutes. The missile weighs only 4lbs and can be deployed from land, sea, or mobile …
    By robot man, 95 words

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  10. SoftRobotCritics
    “Autonomous motion, kinetics, aesthetics, softness, flexibility, and the unexpected.”

    materialsscienceandengineering: Framework structure with...
    materialsscienceandengineering: Framework structure with nanoscopic insulation enables components for soft robotics and flexible electronicsClassical robots, such as those used for manufacturing, can lift heavy loads and repeat automated processes precisely. But they are too rigid …
    187 words

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  11. Thomas' Random Hackery
    “Web, hardware and other random hackery.” By Thomas Hollstegge. 🇩🇪

    ws2mqtt - Connect WiSafe2 devices to Home Assistant
    ws2mqtt - Connect WiSafe2 devices to Home Assistant
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  12. Tom Armitage » Blog

    Worknotes, Autumn 2021 edition
    It’s autumn. What’s been going on since I last wrote? Teaching at UAL-CCI I wrapped up a term of teaching a single module at UAL’s Creative Computing Institute. Sound and Image Processing is a module …
    109 words

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