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movies and television, together at last in one clunky package.

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TV-VCR has reached its end of tape
Hey. Thanks for reading this. And, more so, thanks for reading and commenting on everything else before this on TV-VCR. But, I’m sorry to say, this is all there will be to read. This is …
On , by Mark, 180 words
Greta Gerwig’s Barbie indeed nails Barbie in new trailer
For all the years of attempts at needlessly making a movie out of Barbie—from an Amy Schumer comedy to an Anne Hathaway project—it’s wild that one seems to have really worked out as idealized as …
On , by Mark, 297 words
DC gets a Spider-Man with fewer legs with the Blue Beetle trailer
One of the last vestiges of the pre-Gunn DC comics movies, Blue Beetle sees Warner Bros. still playing catchup with Marvel both in looking like slop and in having a story about a wide-eyed teenage …
On , by Mark, 233 words