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Medieval Manuscripts Provenance

Notes and observations.

  • By Peter Kidd
  • Based in United Kingdom
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2022 26
2023 20
2024 3

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The Origin of the Carla Rossi Plagiarism Accusations
A couple of weeks ago I said on social media that I would blog about the very earliest origin of the plagiarism accusations against Carla Rossi, so here it is.In several of her many attempts …
On , by Peter Kidd, 703 words
Hmmm ...
"Someone" has -- very tediously -- persuaded Google to remove (for a second time) my most recent blogpost. So let's just replace it with this (click the image to enlarge it):The irony is delicious :-)On …
On , by Peter Kidd, 61 words
She's still at it
Some people may think that Carla Rossi has done the sensible thing and slipped quietly into well-deserved obscurity, hoping that memories are short and people will forget that she was exposed as serial plagiarist by …
On , by Peter Kidd, 150 words