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Suspended Reason

Essays in erisology, ecology, surrogation, limerence, generalized reading, and cognitive aesthetics.

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An Ecosystem of Effects
Let us posit a simplification, which will hopefully seem less arbitrary and less reductive as we further describe it. The simplification is this: that the two poles of concern, when it comes to what we …
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Response to Galen Cuth on Magic & Pragmatism
Galen recently wrote a wonderful response to my “Fool’s Gold” essay, trying to pinpoint where he and I disagree about when it comes to pragmatic theories of representation. This letter won’t make much sense unless …
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Open Questions 231011
Here’s a list of questions that I’m looking for leads on! If you think you can answer any, or are able to point me in the direction of writing that deals with similar issues, please …
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