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Chris Heathcote may be writing again.

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that was a fortnight, 25 May 2020
One highlight of the fortnight was going on a tour of friend’s Animal Crossing islands. With a WhatsApp call for chat. It makes you realise how big the game is – not in what you …
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that was a fortnight, 10 May 2020
I saw 30 or so Starlink satellites go past. Satellites, space stations, meteors are all pretty awe-inspiring. This was just eerie. Perfectly spaced satellites, constantly moving overhead for 10 minutes. Taken something magic and industrialised …
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that was a fortnight, 26 April 2020
Lots of things to talk about, almost nothing to talk about. Mainly I’ve been sunbathing on my balcony. April’s been amazing, hasn’t it? Well, the weather. Not everything else. I realise sunbathing is now considered …
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