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Person of interests.

  • By Michael Sippey
  • Based in United States of America

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Most recent posts

it’s messy
Wilco has a new record coming, Cruel Country. Jeff Tweedy, in his newsletter, shares some of the background promo material, which includes this gem of a graf.The whole record is comprised, almost entirely, of live …
On , by Michael Sippey, 275 words
fast brain, slow hands
Dan Hon’s Things that Caught My Attention is one of my favorite blogs / newsletters, because it’s just chock full of Dan-ness. This is a good thing. The past few days he’s been responding to …
On , by Michael Sippey, 232 words
ken norton on art of product
Ken Norton, who always brings the donuts, delivers some wisdom from his career in product management.The “art” of product management matters more than the “science” over the long term. In product management, there’s an art …
On , by Michael Sippey, 345 words