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The Kid Should See This

Educational videos for curious kids of all ages, a free resource for parents & teachers. Science, art, nature, animals, & more.

  • By Rion Nakaya
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Month starting Posts
Nov 2022 27
Dec 2022 17
Jan 2023 30
Feb 2023 35
Mar 2023 43
Apr 2023 35
May 2023 47
Jun 2023 40
Jul 2023 6
Aug 2023 28
Sep 2023 46
Oct 2023 47
Nov 2023 39
Dec 2023 34
Jan 2024 39
Feb 2024 56
Mar 2024 45
Apr 2024 50
May 2024 35

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Why don’t “tough” and “dough” rhyme?
English is a true linguistic melting pot. Over 1,500 years ago, Germanic tribes invaded the British Isles, bringing their languages that evolved into Old English. When Roman missionaries arrived around 600 CE, they wrote using …
On , by Rion Nakaya, 56 words
Carving a traditional monkey mask in Japan
Originating in Japan’s Jomon period (between c. 14,000–300 BCE), masks have a deep-rooted history in traditional Japanese culture. They depict characters, legends, and emotions and are still used in theater, festivals, and as lucky charms. …
On , by Rion Nakaya, 57 words
Can geometry be art?
In school, math and geometry are a completely separate class from art. But in our everyday lives, math, geometry, and art are together everywhere. All of our buildings, computers and smartphones, games we play, our …
On , by Rion Nakaya, 54 words