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The Kid Should See This

Educational videos for curious kids of all ages, a free resource for parents & teachers. Science, art, nature, animals, & more.

  • By Rion Nakaya
  • Based in United States of America
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Posts per month

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Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Nov 2022 27
Dec 2022 17
Jan 2023 30
Feb 2023 35
Mar 2023 43
Apr 2023 35
May 2023 47
Jun 2023 40
Jul 2023 6
Aug 2023 28
Sep 2023 46
Oct 2023 47
Nov 2023 39
Dec 2023 13

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Most recent posts

Carving Godzilla out of solid wood
Watch Godzilla emerge from a huge, rough chunk of mahogany wood in this 8.5-minute Woodart Vietnam video. The studio’s skilled artisans dedicated 25 days to the carving of this mythical beast. Using chainsaws, they meticulously …
On , by Rion Nakaya, 56 words
Personification by The Bazillions
The flowers danced in the wind. The clock screams in my ear. The sun smiled down on us. All of these are examples of personification, a literary device in which human attributes or qualities are …
On , by Rion Nakaya, 54 words
Making a four strand rope of tarred hemp using a historic ropewalk
In northern Europe during the 1600s, rope was made by hand from natural materials like hemp or flax using a ropewalk. By the early 1800s, the demand for longer and thicker ropes, particularly for ship …
On , by Rion Nakaya, 62 words