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The Arts of (Slow) Cinema

it's very important to make the film a real psychological process. (Béla Tarr).

  • By Nadin Mai
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Posts per year

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Posts per year
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2022 11
2023 14
2024 4

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Most recent posts

IO Capitano – Matteo Garrone (2023)
We speak about colonialism, about the extermination of native peoples, about the enslavement of black people as if all of this was history, as if Europe had learned its lesson, as if it now strived …
On , by Nadin Mai, 62 words
Innocence – Guy Davidi (2022)
These words that I’m writing, I hope they don’t reach anyone. Words that won’t reach a world that would only persecute them. Tomorrow I’ll learn to kill legally. Birth is not an act of being. …
On , by Nadin Mai, 61 words
The Zone of Interest – Jonathan Glazer (2023)
I often wonder: when did we stop? When did we stop caring, when did we stop being human? When did we stop seeing in the other a human being? I have always had those questions …
On , by Nadin Mai, 64 words