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minor 9th

Simon's blog about product management, music and life.

  • By Simon Pearson
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Weeknotes #65: finally, it happened to me
Lady rona finally deigned to come and visit, with comically bad timing. It’s pretty nasty, even after vaccination. On the other hand, the freezer is well stocked, and I had a week off of work …
On , by Simon Pearson, 299 words
Weeknotes #64: easy, tiger
After a long period of hibernation, this week was all about being out. Out at the theatre, out in the office, out for dinners, out dancing, and finally, tuckered out.On Monday, saw a 20th anniversary …
On , by Simon Pearson, 239 words
Weeknotes #63: taxing
January comes to a close and I’ve been studiously avoiding going to the gym because of 100k cases of ‘rona a day, so despite doing a chunk of cycling I’m feeling a bit grotty and …
On , by Simon Pearson, 256 words