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2018 4
2019 0
2020 6
2021 0
2022 0
2023 0
2024 0

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Most recent posts

Let’s Skim! The Slack/Salesforce Press Release
Histoire naturelle des cétacées, 1804I find enterprise software fascinating because it operates the entire economy and yet it frequently neglects every single principle of quality that software people may espouse. Slack is/has been the anti-enterprise …
On , by Paul Ford, 2,400 words
Web Conversation From the Other Side
I wrote a piece on here the other day in which “2000 me” had a conversation with “2020 me” about the state of the web. It was fun to write, because I love making easy …
On , by Paul Ford, 2,594 words
Web Conversations With the Year 2000
Comic Insects, 18722000 me: Wow you still work on the web, that’s amazing. It must be so easy to publish really interesting web pages.2020 me: Uhhhhh. [Very long pause.] Look, you can pay a low …
On , by Paul Ford, 449 words