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Save Hard, Invest Wisely, Retire Early - My strategy for financial independence and early retirement (FIRE).

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Year starting Posts
2018 6
2019 11
2020 6
2021 2
2022 0
2023 1
2024 0

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Most recent posts

Stabilising – musings on 2022
I was not going to write this 4 years of FIRE post but I’ve had a number of requests for it which made me do a little thinking. In the end I thought it might …
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Transitioning – musings on 2021
2021 has been my third year since I took that initial leap into the FIRE unknown and for me it’s been my biggest year ever for change. Some good and some not so good. So …
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Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore and 2020 in review
Usually at this time of year I publish a year in review which covers a little of the qualitative and a lot of the quantitative. Given the year we’ve just had, along with quantitative needs …
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