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Blogs about Personal finance

10 blogs about Personal finance.

  1. Financial Mechanic
    the money tools you need to be set free. More info

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    What My Grandma Paid to Build Her Home Will Shock You!
    After learning more about the history behind my Grandparents' idyllic home, I have taken away some valuable lessons about adapting financial strategies to fit the times we live in. The post What My Grandma Paid …
    By financialmechanic, 76 words
  2. FIRE v London
    Financial independence, but in pricey London. 🇬🇧 More info

    Mar ’24: A towering influence
    I’ve enjoyed March. I managed to enjoy a few days’ skiing, despite less snow than any of us would like, in the Austrian alps. Back at home, the sun has been getting stronger, and the …
    By FIRE v London, 810 words
  3. Investing Guides For European And UK Investors
    By Raph Antoine. 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 More info

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    Interactive Brokers Fixed vs Tiered Plan – Which Is The Best For ETFs?
    brokers | All Insights Interactive Brokers Pricing Plan Comparison Determine The best plan for you With our new tool Updated by: Raph Antoine April 1, 2024 Share: Raph Antoine April 1, 2024 Share: What are …
    By Raph Antoine, 1,404 words
  4. Monevator
    From passive investing with index trackers funds to choosing the cheapest investment platform or broker, Monevator is essential reading for all British investors. 🇬🇧 More info

    Weekend reading: Look who’s back
    What caught my eye this week. Hard to believe it’s more than ten years ago that I wrote – slightly tongue-in-cheek – about how I was betting against Neil Woodford. The then-lauded fund manager had …
    By The Investor, 2,215 words
  5. Mr. Money Mustache
    Early Retirement through Badassity. 🇺🇸 More info

    How To Afford a House These Days
    – The other day, an MMM reader stopped by and left the following comment on one of my older posts about the principles of FIRE: “While I still find some of MMM’s advice relevant, it …
    By Mr. Money Mustache, 2,473 words
  6. Retirement Investing Today
    Save Hard, Invest Wisely, Retire Early - My strategy for financial independence and early retirement (FIRE). 🇬🇧 More info

    Stabilising – musings on 2022
    I was not going to write this 4 years of FIRE post but I’ve had a number of requests for it which made me do a little thinking. In the end I thought it might …
    By RetirementInvestingToday, 83 words
  7. sex health money death
    The Four Horsemen of the Middle Aged Apocalypse. 🇬🇧 More info

    Don’t Fear the Reaper
    I received a circular from Standard Life this morning in the email, offering advice on “How to pass on your pension to your loved ones”. This, I thought, was a bit previous as I have …
    By Sex Health Money Death, 725 words
  8. Simple Finances Reader
    The official blog of the Simple Finances Discord community for fintech and personal finance enthusiasts. More info

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    Topic Episode - Curve x BofA: 5.25% Cash Back on All Spend
    Topic Episode – Curve x BofA: 5.25% Cash Back on All Spend Welcome new listers from /r/churning! Text companion on and Old Percents vs Curve post How to get max 5.25% cash back …
    By fearthez, 323 words
  9. Stop Ironing Shirts
    Retired at 36 from a corporate career through frugality and career advancement. 🇺🇸 More info

    Lessons from Five Years of FIRE
    April 2024 marks five years since I quit my corporate job for a life of financial independence. With that anniversary approaching, here are five… The post Lessons from Five Years of FIRE appeared first on …
    By Stop Ironing Shirts, 44 words
  10. A Wealth of Common Sense
    Personal Finance, Investments & Markets. By Ben Carlson. 🇺🇸 More info

    Rich People Who Don’t Feel Rich
    How much money do you have to make to feel rich? It’s a subjective question. A lot depends on your lifestyle, where you live, how much you spend and save, your peer group, and your …
    By Ben Carlson, 76 words