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Blogs about Personal finance

8 blogs about Personal finance.

  1. The Evidence-Based Investor | Blog
    “Blog on evidence-based investing, featuring articles, videos and podcasts to help investors.” By Robin Powell. 🇬🇧

    11 things the SVB collapse tells us about investor behaviour
    By Joe Wiggins Before you stop reading, I promise this is not another explainer about the SVB collapse. While (too) much ink has been spilled detailing the failure of SVB; it is often useful to …
    By TEBI, 988 words

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  2. Financial Mechanic
    “the money tools you need to be set free.”

    How I Packed For A 6 Month Trip With Just A Personal Item
    After moving abroad to Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to travel a lot around Europe. With each trip, I perfected my packing game. European budget airlines have started to charge for carry-ons, so I worked …
    By financialmechanic, 89 words

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  3. FIRE v London
    “Financial independence, but in pricey London.” 🇬🇧

    Feb ’23: taking profits
    February was cold, but mercifully dry. The days are becoming a welcome bit longer. London is filling up again, post covid, though Mondays and Fridays remain subdued to put it mildly. Market movements in February …
    By FIRE v London, 729 words

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  4. Monevator - Make more money, invest profitably, retire early
    “From passive investing with index trackers funds to choosing the cheapest investment platform or broker, Monevator is essential reading for all British investors.” 🇬🇧

    Weekend reading: Can you bank on it?
    What caught my eye this week. A big week for news. A Spring Budget that shifted the retirement savings goalposts like a giant tossing cabers, alongside a banking crisis still threatening to drag down US …
    By The Investor, 1,439 words

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  5. Mr. Money Mustache
    “Early Retirement through Badassity.” 🇺🇸

    How to Build a Kitchen (and Why)
    Well, looks like it has happened again. Since the last time we spoke, I got sucked into building my 17th(?) kitchen, and I have finally emerged from its messy yet addictive grasp as I stand …
    By Mr. Money Mustache, 4,319 words

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  6. Retirement Investing Today
    “Save Hard, Invest Wisely, Retire Early - My strategy for financial independence and early retirement (FIRE).” 🇬🇧

    Stabilising – musings on 2022
    I was not going to write this 4 years of FIRE post but I’ve had a number of requests for it which made me do a little thinking. In the end I thought it might …
    By RetirementInvestingToday, 86 words

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  7. sex health money death
    “The Four Horsemen of the Middle Aged Apocalypse.” 🇬🇧

    Don’t Fear the Reaper
    I received a circular from Standard Life this morning in the email, offering advice on “How to pass on your pension to your loved ones”. This, I thought, was a bit previous as I have …
    By Sex Health Money Death, 725 words

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  8. Simple Finances Reader
    “The official blog of the Simple Finances Discord community for fintech and personal finance enthusiasts.”

    Episode 2: Updates, SUBs and Sports Betting?
    I discovered that the service I was using,, only gave you one episode for free. So I will be uploading all of my podcasts to Spotify only. Sorry non Spotify users! I discovered that …
    By fearthez, 152 words

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