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Blogs about Interior design

3 blogs about Interior design.

  1. Film and Furniture
    Furniture & decor with a story to tell. Find interiors inspiration and buy decor from your favourite films. Best Design Inspiration Blog '19. By Paula Benson, et al. 🇬🇧 More info

    Enzo Mari exhibition promises to mesmerise (F&F members join us at the preview for free)
    Calling all design enthusiasts and connoisseurs of creativity! Prepare to be captivated by the UK’s imminent arrival of the Enzo Mari exhibition, which will showcase a titan among Italian designers whose indelible mark has resonated …
    By Paula Benson, 140 words
  2. Sight Unseen
    An online magazine that uncovers what’s new and next in design and the visual arts, with a focus on independent makers working outside traditional disciplinary boundaries. By Monica Khemsurov, Jill Singer, et al. 🇺🇸 More info

    At Zona Maco, Agnes’s First Solo Exhibition is Bestrewn With Symbols of Luck
    When the Guatemala City-based duo Agnes first burst onto the scene in 2017, they did so in a decidedly iconic fashion: Their debut collection was immediately embraced by the international design community, with splashy press …
    By Dan Howarth, 114 words
  3. Whoa to Wow
    Taking houses from “Whoa!” to “Wow!”. 🇺🇸 More info

    2024-02-22 01:32
    Back to work after too long of a break. Today was spent doing some finishing work in order to call those officially done. This started with replacing all of the bedroom door hinges on the …
    90 words