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  1. Handprinted – Blog
    “Handprinted | UK shop and studio for Batik, Screen Printing, Relief Printmaking, Art and Dyeing materials. Supplying the artist, printmaker and craftsperson. Friendly, knowledgeable advice, tutorials, instructions and videos.” 🇬🇧

    Making a Multi-Block Linocut
    A multi-block linocut uses more than one piece of lino to create a layered image. Usually, each block is inked with a separate colour. Where the colours overlap, another colour can be achieved. Multi-block linocuts …
    By Fitted Commerce LTD Collaborator, 1,128 words

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  2. Martin Truefitt-Baker | Blog

    I've been sorting through some photos looking for a background to possibly use in my next print. I ended up 'wasting' a couple of hours looking back over how I've used my camera and phone …
    By Martin Truefitt-Baker, Art, 283 words

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