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3 blogs about Printing.

  1. Handprinted – Blog
    “Handprinted | UK shop and studio for Batik, Screen Printing, Relief Printmaking, Art and Dyeing materials. Supplying the artist, printmaker and craftsperson. Friendly, knowledgeable advice, tutorials, instructions and videos.” 🇬🇧

    Pigment & Binder - Mixing colours for printing fabric
    Using Pigment Colours and Binder, you can mix your own bespoke colours for screen printing and block printing. Experimenting with different ratio amounts of binder to pigment can create some lovely subtle pale shades and …
    By Shirley Scott, 776 words

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  2. Hazel McNab – News
    “Bring the natural world into your home with my stunning range of hand-printed artworks.” 🇬🇧

    One of my favourite things about living where I do, in Cornwall and working for myself is, if it's a lovely afternoon, sometimes, I can just go out and enjoy it. Especially June when it's …
    By Hazel McNab, 348 words

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  3. Martin Truefitt-Baker | Blog

    Blustery Day Badger
    High up on the hillside behind my cottage there is a badger set. It's near to a small group of very old beech trees that stand very tall among some old whitebeam and hawthorns. The …
    By Martin Truefitt-Baker, Art, 648 words

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