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Blogs about Horror books

5 blogs about Horror books.

  1. kindertrauma
    “your happy childhood ends here!” By John Powell, Lance Vaughan.

    No One Will Save You (2023)
    Your standard home invasion is frightening enough but what if you learned the “invasion” in question went far beyond your own home to include say, the entire planet? That’s basically the plight of poor Brynn …
    By unkle lancifer, 536 words

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  2. Matt Gemmell
    “Thriller, Horror, and Suspense author.” 🇬🇧

    The Award
    The venue was beautiful, and lavishly decorated. Marble columns strung with elegant lights, polished floor with plush swathes of carpet, gilded furniture, and immaculate staff poised attentively all around. It was an exclusive gathering, with …
    853 words

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  3. Multo (Ghost)
    “Ghosts of story, myth, or anywhere else....” By Nina Zumel.

    1950’s Darna – Valentina as the Virgin?
    Episode 10 of the 1950’s saga of Filipina superhero Darna versus Valentina! Last episode, Valentina finally arrived at the town where Kobra sent her to “find out her truth.” The episode ended with the question: …
    By Nina Zumel, 196 words

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  4. Too Much Horror Fiction
    “Collects and reviews vintage horror literature—mostly from the 1960s to the early 1990s.” By Will Errickson. 🇺🇸

    The Pyx by John Buell (1959): She's Like Heroin to Me
    With the finely-detailed image of a nude willowy blonde, tresses flowing, nipples bared, stomach taut, slim legs, and arched feet in full Playboy-model effect, the cover art for The Pyx promises a helluva lot! Especially …
    By Will Errickson, 77 words

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  5. Wormwoodiana
    “This blog is devoted to fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature.” By Douglas A. Anderson, Mark Valentine, et al. 🇬🇧