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Blogs about Fiction

2 blogs about Fiction.

  1. Conscience Round
    Personal blog + stories. By Emma. 🇺🇸 More info

    Moral of the story
    It’s finally warm enough outside that opening the windows is a pleasure. On the lap of the breeze, a trio arrive, fine gossamer against the window pane: light, warmth, and some third thing only circulating …
    By Emma, 351 words
  2. Dan Leo
    Dan Leo's goddam blog... More info

    "Hot Cross Buns"
    The bartender came over."Would you two lovebirds care for another round?""What?" said Miss Alcott, who had been gazing at the minstrel band, her head swaying with the music."Another round, Lou?""Oh, yes, Bret," she said, "another …
    By Dan Leo, 1,476 words