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Blogs about Horror books

4 blogs about Horror books.

  1. kindertrauma
    “your happy childhood ends here!” By John Powell, Lance Vaughan.

    Name That Trauma:: Helpful Jones on an Evil Tree
    Hi! Reddit pointed me to you and it looks like you may have the most in-depth horror movie knowledge base and knowledgeable fans, so I hope you will recognize this movie. I only have brief …
    By unkle lancifer, 338 words

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  2. Matt Gemmell
    “Thriller, Horror, and Suspense author.” 🇬🇧

    Birthday Money
    The guy outside was wearing a Submariner on his left wrist, steel with black dial and bezel, so he was probably called something like Charles or Jonathan or just about anything. He was closing his …
    1,405 words

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  3. Too Much Horror Fiction
    “Collects and reviews vintage horror literature—mostly from the 1960s to the early 1990s.” By Will Errickson. 🇺🇸

    Hide and Seek by Jack Ketchum (1984): Linger on Your Pale Blue Eyes
    A brief, stark coming-of-age tale of terror, Hide and Seek was the second novel from the late Jack Ketchum—famous pseudonym of author Dallas Mayr, who died of cancer in 2018 at age 71. Published as …
    By Will Errickson, 83 words

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  4. Wormwoodiana
    “This blog is devoted to fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature.” By Douglas A. Anderson, Mark Valentine, et al. 🇬🇧