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Blogs about Book design

5 blogs about Book design.

  1. Caustic Cover Critic
    One man's endless ranting about book covers and design... By James Morrison. 🇦🇺 More info

    Best of 2023
    The third of my year-in-reading columns has gone up over at Dorian's blog: the best stuff I read in 2023.
    By JRSM, 23 words
  2. Making Book
    All sorts of stuff about books and book manufacturing. By Richard Hollick. 🇺🇸 More info

    Printing realignment
    The book manufacturing plant Sheridan Madison, once upon a time Webcrafters, is closing, and 116 people will be losing their jobs between now and the end of July. Printing Impressions bears the tale. The ostensible …
    By rhollick, 272 words
  3. Pulp Covers
    The Best Of The Worst. More info

    Wanton by nature, craving bizarre thrills, Clio went through a city of men and a lifetime of experience before surrendering to the inevitable. via
    By Pulp Covers, 25 words
  4. SPINE
    Spine Magazine is an online publication devoted to book cover design and book culture. By Vyki Hendy,. More info

    Eric C. Wilder on Creating a Triptych for Open Letter Books
    Eric C. Wilder is a freelance designer living in Upstate New York. Here he takes us through his process for creating three covers for Open Letter Book’s Translator Triptych series. I have previous experience as …
    By Vyki Hendy, 432 words
  5. Theo Inglis
    Freelance Graphic Designer & Writer. 🇬🇧 More info

    THEO INGLISSTUDIO_ GRAPHIC DESIGN WRITING ABOUT EMAIL TWITTER INSTAGRAM Granta 156: Interiors, cover photograph by Kaitlin Maxwell. Designed while Acting Senior Designer of Granta Magazine in 2021.
    By Theo Inglis, 28 words