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Blogs about Book design

4 blogs about Book design.

  1. Caustic Cover Critic NEW
    “One man's endless ranting about book covers and design...” By JRSM. 🇦🇺

    The Big Book of Unfortunate Author Deaths
    (I transplanted this thread I made over from Twitter to keep it in a more readable form)The Big Book of Unfortunate Author DeathsSherwood Anderson: swallowed a toothpick which punched holes in his innards, leading to …
    By JRSM, 1,035 words

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  2. Pulp Covers
    “The Best Of The Worst.”

    The Want-Ad Murders
    By Pulp Covers, 4 words

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  3. SPINE
    “Spine Magazine is an online publication devoted to book cover design and book culture.” By Vyki Hendy,.

    Emma Dolan on Designing Tell Me Pleasant Things About Immortality
    Emma Dolan is a book designer at Penguin Random House Canada. Here she takes us through her process for designing the stunning cover for Tell Me Pleasant Things about Immortality. I’m a horror fan, so …
    By Vyki Hendy, 696 words

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  4. Theo Inglis
    “Freelance Graphic Designer & Writer.” 🇬🇧

    Prototype 3
    THEO INGLISSTUDIO_ GRAPHIC DESIGN WRITING ABOUT EMAIL TWITTER INSTAGRAM Cover and interior design for Issue 3 of PROTOTYPE (Summer, 2021), an annual literary anthology edited by Jess Chandler and published by Prototype. The covers features …
    By Theo Inglis, 55 words

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