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Blogs about Data visualization

2 blogs about Data visualization.

  1. Evergreen Data Visualization Blog
    “How to make high impact data visualization right inside Excel along with real life case examples organizational culture change.” By Stephanie Evergreen. 🇺🇸

    Your Dashboard Should Be a Webpage
    That dashboard you’re developing? That one that’s cost hundreds of hours? Wanna know why it doesn’t have the leverage you thought it would? The post Your Dashboard Should Be a Webpage appeared first on Evergreen …
    By Stephanie Evergreen, 42 words

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  2. The Functional Art NEW
    “Alberto Cairo's weblog about visualization, infographics, and data journalism.” 🇺🇸

    Playing with ChatGPT while writing 'The Art of Insight'
    Today I'm working on the chapter of The Art of Insight devoted to Deniz Cem Önduygu. Deniz is the author of an impressive mnemonic interactive diagram of influential philosophers. He designed it for himself to …
    By Alberto Cairo, 617 words

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